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Hello, my name is Rudy Carmona, I am the proud owner of Carmona’s Collision Repair in Fullerton, CA. I would like to take a minute to get to know you or you to get to know me a little better and tell you about myself. If you have seen my office or been in my office, you know that I’m a football nut. (Just notice the football memorabilia all over my office!) I’ve been fortunate enough to have coached Southern California Youth Football for eight-years with my son Camron, including following him through High School and College. I loved watching him play!

My hearts desire is to one day coach High School Football, which I’ve never done before but would really love to do that one day in the future. I love my beautiful wife, Tina, and my two kids; Camron and Rashell. I’m lucky to be a proud new grandfather of baby Jagger, too! Working at Carmona’s Collision Repair is an absolute pleasure for not only myself, but my family is well.

I love working with my family. The Carmona’s are so fortunate that this business has taken care of our family for three generations. I feel our work is extremely rewarding. Fixing, repairing or painting automobiles for our customers and getting to see their smiles afterwards is a terrific feeling! This is what we do on a daily basis; and hopefully you’ve learned a little about me. We love our customers, and I look forward to meeting you in person! 

See you at Carmona’s Collision Repair in Fullerton, CA, soon! – Rudy Carmona